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Here's what some of our clients have to say about Be Healthy!:
Be Healthy!

  • “Although I have always tried to eat healthy and work out every day, the Purification Program helped me lose the weight I was unable to lose! It was a freeing experience and I never felt better in my whole life!” ~ Nancijo W., age 57

  • "I loved the SP 21 day cleanse! It was amazing that I felt great and was truly never hungry. I was able to lose 12 pounds during the cleanse. If I could I would do it again right now…" ~ Amy S, age 40

  • “Not only did the Purification Program teach me to eat better, but it prepared my body and my mind to appreciate what I should be eating.” ~ Randy W., age 60

  • “I had so much energy while cleansing with my nutritionist! It truly motivated me to continue eating healthy!” ~ Cindy C., age 36

  • “I can't say enough how grateful I am to Mary Sue for helping us identify and solve a hormone imbalance that caused my wife countless days of aches and insomnia. Her expertise also paved the way for us to have our first child naturally, without all the harmful medications and associated side effects. Mary Sue truly has the big picture in women's health!” ~ Layton C., age 46

  • "Mary Sue has helped me balance meals that resulted in lower blood levels for my diabetes. The vitamins and supplements recommended fill in the gaps. I have greater energy and now enjoy more physical activities." ~ Deb D., age 63

  • "Mary Sue's advice has vastly improved my overall health. She takes the time to review my diet, and make recommendations that are healthy and satisfying. She is always available to discuss any side effects of her recommended supplements. I recommend her to my friends." ~ Amanda B. age 56

  • "After being on the program Mary Sue recommended for just one month I had lost those stubborn pounds I’d been trying to lose for years and had more energy than I’ve had in the last decade. My skin rashes have significantly improved and I have eliminated some medications!" ~ Judi P., age 61

  • "Working with Mary Sue on my nutritional and medical concerns through diet, I am impressed with her knowledge of how nutrition affects immunity. She has offered professional advice about supplements that address dietary deficiencies. If you are having any health challenges, I highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable, warm, and supportive." ~ Gail L. age 53

  • "I discovered Prosymbiotic works best for me and the reduction of certain foods improves my inflammation. My food plan is right for my activity level, frees me from the worry of getting all the nutrients I need, and helps me lose weight as well!” ~ Jane B. age 61

  • "Mary Sue has helped me to lose over 30 pounds that I had been trying to lose on my own without success. She’s shown me that I can eat delicious food without going hungry, and get all the nutrients I need while losing weight! The supplements that she has recommended for me are high quality and effective. We’ve successfully and quickly corrected deficiencies. The Purification Program was invaluable. Mary Sue is warm, friendly, and always prepared with strategies to help me implement healthy dietary changes into my life. Her support and encouragement have helped me not only with weight loss but with my other health goals as well. I can’t recommend her highly enough." ~ Jeanne, age 40

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